Paida Whata?

For those of you who are like "what on earth is a paida beth" the answer is, it is the name of our youth group at Bethel Lutheran Church.

For those who are New and Old Testament language scholars (of which I am not) you are probably better equipped to answer this question, as I know neither Greek or Hebrew grammar.  Long live online lexicons!

Paida is Greek.  There are several different usages in Scripture (which often are not literally paida, but other forms) which usually translate to child, young man, maiden or servant.  Unless you look it up on wikipedia, in which case, paida is a genus of moths. 

Beth however is Hebrew.  It means house.  Our church's name, Bethel, actually translates to "House of God" with El being Hebrew for God.  How cool could that be?  Our name could mean "House of Moths". 

Our name, if we use it in relationship with Bethel, we can think of it as "Youth of the House of God, Servants of God."

Currently we meet every other Sunday from 7 to 9:30.  Check the Calendar of Events page for more details.